At Ohnward Financial Advisor Services, we strive to provide our clients with meaningful direction in planning for their personal financial future.  Our broad expertise and specialized management practices provide our clients peace of mind their legacy is well written.  We invite you to experience Ohnward For Life.


     Asset & Wealth Management

  • Focusing on constructing a long-term financial plan to maximize the profits of the company.


     Estate Planning

  • Provide a comprehensive review of your current Will and discuss options available to you for optimizing exemptions, lowering tax rates and potential inheritance tax liabilities.



  • Used to achieve a variety of estate planning goals including the reduction, or potential elimination of estate taxes, asset protection for surviving spouses, descendants, and other beneficiaries. Our experts will assist with designing and creating a trust to meet specific client needs.



  • As a court approved conservator, we manage assets for a person who is unable to handle their own financial affairs; such as paying bills, filing tax returns and annual reports with the court.


     Financial Retirement Planning

  • Understanding the importance of long-term investing can help put the power of time on your side. Starting to save early for your retirement is key.  A sound strategy will keep you focused on your retirement goals.


     1031 Like Kind Exchange

  • Assisting with completion of real estate exchange transactions under Section 1031. A 1031 exchange allows qualified property to be sold and defer payment of capital gains taxes by reinvesting proceeds from the sale into new, qualified like-kind property.